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Working with Susan from triad realty, was a wonderful experience.  It was a long and prosperous journey.   Susan and Mary Ellen were so informative and strategic from the do's and don't when buying a house, I love that they  handed me an outline of what to expect from start to finish. I MUST SAY with all my demands and even when the process began to frustrate me, Susan never wavered and reasured me that there was a property for me . One characteristics  about susan that blew me away is how she is abe to let you feel like you are her only client. Throughout this process I gain a friend. Love Susan God bless you.

Samanthia Johnson

Susan Wainwright, with Triad Realty, was meticulous in her proactive and efficient handling of all the many bits and pieces involved in my successful home buying Process!

My journey into first-time home buying began with attending one of Susan's highly informative seminars where she pulled together a team of experts who were each instrumental in working through the necessary steps toward closing including inspections, survey, appraisal, insurance, mortgage, title, etc.

I was never made to feel like a number or a nuisance with my many questions and concerns. Instead, Susan met each challenge with reassurance coupled with a swift and amicable solution whenever necessary.  She accommodated every single one of my requests to walk through properties in search of the ideal spot to call my own.

While I was brand new to the process, Susan's decades of experience and compassion carried me gently through what can often feel like hot coals to the untrained mind. Most impressive was Susan's willingness to remain available - after closing - as my questions turned from home buying to home owning!  After years of renting and moving, I am finally HOME!



This year our lives as the Carrasco Family was really challenging! We were in a position where we had lived on our first home over 20 years and had outgrown its capacity. We began to look for a more ample home that would accommodate our living, hobbies, and future guests. The first step was to find the right fit for a realtor that would help us do just that. We inquired with many friends and colleagues and interviewed about 3 realtors before our friends, the Abollo family, suggested their realtor Mary Ellen Troilo. We interviewed with her and felt a connection immediately! She was kind, considerate and most of all very knowledgeable in her field! Throughout the year we came across quite a few houses that would satisfy most but not all of our needs. One by one each dropped by the wayside for one reason or another but through every one that fell through, “ME” as we lovingly call her, kept encouraging us and believing we would soon find the right fit even if it took some time! I must admit that at times I was disappointed that we were taking too long finding the right fit and feared ME would grow tired of us, but she remained cheerful and spirited throughout the process.  Needless to say, before the clock stroke midnight at years end, we found and closed on the PERFECT home for us! She went well beyond her duties as a realtor as she helped us not only find our home but she walked us through the full process! She dotted every “I” and crossed every “T”! We were truly surprised by nothing as she seemed to be one step ahead of everyone on the process. If you were to ask me what one word I would use to describe Mary Ellen, I could have many to choose from “Excellent…Fantastic…Thorough…Determined” but if I could only choose one I would say “Family”! Why “Family” you ask? Because the only way that you could EVER be treated BETTER is if you were Family! Today I consider ME more than just a realtor….more than just a Friend…instead we like to consider her part of the Carrasco Family! On behalf of all the Carrasco’s…. Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

The Carrasco Family